Shared values unite

Values represent the very foundation of a company. They express the culture, spirit and way a company runs its business – towards customers, stakeholders, but also towards its employees. The more committed a company is to its values, the stronger its business will perform.

Who ​​could represent ista Shared Values better than ista colleagues? Therefore, we have selected ten employees from different countries to represent the Shared Values​​. The making of video shows the creation of the Shared Values motives and the models' experiences during the photo shoot. We thank all our models for the great support!

Our five shared values

Encouraging Empowerment

MY commitment:
I actively seek responsibility, autonomously solve my tasks and embrace opportunities for development. I feel encouraged and competent.

OUR success:
We delegate responsibility at all levels and within the scope of a given task. This demonstrates trust in our people and their capabilities.

Keeping Commitments

MY commitment:
I am accountable for my objectives and achieve them pro-actively with dedication. My achievements motivate me.

OUR success:
We stick to promises and consequently pursue our goals. We embrace challenges to ensure our company’s success.

Building Partnerships

MY commitment:
I consider both my colleagues’ and customers’ interests to establish valuable relationships. I enjoy the collaborative atmosphere I create.

OUR success:
We build sustainable long-term relationships with internal and external stakeholders. We strive for mutual benefits.

Promoting Trust

MY commitment:
I create a common culture of trust by being respectful, appreciative and open. This environment inspires me.

OUR success:
We communicate in an open and honest way. We acknowledge good ideas and performance. We handle feedback in a constructive way.

Taking responsibility

MY commitment:
I consider the consequences of my decisions and act deliberately. I am proud because my contribution to the company’s responsibility inspires me.

OUR success:
We align the needs of the economy, environment and society. At the same time we are mindful of our people’s resources.

What's behind all this?