All connected with responsibility

Our actions are not only governed by growth, innovative strength and customer orientation but also by sustainability. It has been part of the ista business model for decades and is strategically anchored in the company. We wish to reconcile economic performance with ecological and social responsibility.

The ista Mission Statement clearly illustrates this by reflecting the aspiration and mission of all ista companies: 'We help manage and save critical resources sustainably.' A statement which we fill with life and back up with responsible action - every day.

Focus on a comprehensive strategy

Our strategic alignment is reflected in three dimensions of action:

  • People: ista takes its responsibility towards all employees worldwide seriously. The company promotes its employees and would like to recruit and retain the best brains as an attractive employer.
  • Products and services: Climate change and limited resources are key drivers for the ista product and service portfolio. All solutions are offered and developed with the aim of conserving resources and reducing the impact on the climate.
  • Environment: With regard to its own and its suppliers' business activities, ista ensures that resources are conserved and negative impacts on the environment are avoided or minimised as far as possible.

Corporate Volunteering programme: grow

The programme

grow enables the implementation of major environmental protection projects with a sustained effect. The Corporate Volunteering (CV) programme focuses on the CV-Days worldwide. Planting trees, renaturation of urban watercourses or energy-saving campaigns – everything is possible and every helping hand counts!

Every employee can propose preventive or active environmental protection projects and thus actively participate at the organization of a CV-Day at his branch.

Furthermore, many of our employees are already involved in the field of environmental education. For example, as environment ambassadors, our employees teach children in a playful way about the core of our business – namely the responsible use of water and heating energy.

grow - What's behind these letters?

Great Respect for our World

  • Great Respect represents the huge importance ista places on the environment and stakeholders
  • Our World establishes the connection to the environment and at the same time points out how international and collective the programme is
  • Grow opens up a whole world relating to the issue of sustainability and replacement (resources), while simultaneously representing the start of the new CV programme
The programme supports projects relating to the following:
  • Active environmental protection (e. g. cleaning rivers and forests or planting trees)
  • Preventative environmental protection (e. g. car-free day at work, "switch -the-light-off" campaign)
  • Education

ista for science

ista is involved in science. In cooperation with the Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH) in Germany, the company has developed the IWH energy efficiency index. It provides region-specific information on the energy requirements of multi-family buildings on the basis of the actual consumption figures of some 312,000 buildings or about 3 million apartments throughout Germany.