Training & Development: Promoting professional passions

We believe that people who have carefully chosen a certain career path pursue their goals with great passion. ista helps them to achieve these goals.

We focus on activities and programmes which are geared to the individuality of each person. The resultant quality and satisfaction of our professionals prove us right and encourage us to identify and systematically develop special talents by promoting them.

Programmes for Professionals

Programmes for Professionals

Global Mobility

Global Mobility facilitates ista’s continuous Internationalization.  It does not only support the development of our employees but also the Company. Transparency in the assignment related terms & conditions, promotion of career development and international knowledge transfer are the core elements of Global Mobility.

JUMP – The management development programme

We filled 77% of our top management positions from our own ranks. Not least of all because, for many years now, we have been systematically selecting our international high potentials to attend an internal management development programme. Our JUMP participants are supported in a targeted manner in an 18-month programme involving a host of individually tailored training courses. The knowledge acquired enables them to assume general management positions in the future. We offer an international JUMP programme as well as local programmes in many countries. 


The counterpart for highest demands

ista cooperates with prestigious European business schools to offer management development to its top management. 

Our targeted support for your goals

  •     Individual HR development through internal and external seminars and coaching
  •     Extensive range of seminars on the subjects of communication and self-organisation
  •     Intensive subject-related training courses
  •     Wide range of language courses
  •     Management training courses
  •     Management development programmes