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ista – a highly varied working world which supports and brings together very different personalities all over the world.

Here, you will also find ideal conditions to actively advance processes, share knowledge in strong teams, ensure quality or initiate developments. Where would you like to achieve your career goals?

In IT, Products, Operations Management, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, HR or Materials Management & Logistics? Here, you have the opportunity to use and advance your skills in specialist departments which are either responsible for the entire international group or part of the highly successful local companies.


Energy management services

The high-performance range of a market leader

Woman in front of a screenista's classic core business is the consumption-dependent metering and billing of energy, water and ancillary costs. But today ista offers its customers a lot more: whether EDM (energy data management), utility expense management or tap maintenance – ista provides a wide range of energy management services (EMS) all over the world.

Where would you like to achieve your career goals?

Where would you like to achieve your career goals?


Corporate Communications ensures uniform communications to all relevant stakeholders inside and outside the company. Corporate Communications is also responsible for the strategic positioning of the company in the public eye and provides the framework for the Group-wide development, implementation and steering of internal and external communications, sustainability and public affairs strategy as well as audio-visual media.

Local communications departments adapt the global specifications to their local requirements but also develop their own ideas and measures. Regular meetings and visits ensure an up-to-date flow of information as well as active support in both directions.

Corporate Marketing and Business Development

Corporate Marketing and Business Development is responsible for Business Development, Product Management, Corporate Marketing and Sales Steering. Its focus is to drive the company towards market and customer orientation. The team is responsible for the development of new business models and partnerships, but also for development and implementation of international product management processes. In addition, Corporate Marketing and Business Development ensure a consistent brand image and its continuous development and is responsible for the international Product Marketing. Moreover the team is responsible for the standardization of sales processes and tools.  

As a business partner Corporate Marketing and Business Development is in close dialogue with all the regions and countries and enables best-practice sharing.

Human Resources

HR at ista has basically two fields of responsibility. On the one hand, it is the HR Business Partner role for more than 4,775 employees and managers of the ista Group. HR guarantees state-of-the-art recruiting, remuneration and benefits as well as development themes. On the other hand, HR is responsible for the development, optimisation and implementation of central HR tools and processes such as staff surveys, international transfers or corporate values.

HR at ista is structured in a Corporate HR Team and local HR departments. International networking and best-practice sharing are integral parts of our successful HR work at ista. Our HR colleagues in all ista countries are in regular and intense communication in order to develop and discuss current HR topics.

Internal Audit

Internal Audit is responsible for the worldwide performance of audits of the respective international national companies as well as the central departments. This is implemented by state-of-the-art auditing work which helps to minimise risks, cut costs and increase process efficiency. Furthermore, Internal Audit works towards improving Corporate Governance. In order to achieve all these objectives, Internal Audit continuously performs independent audits and reports on the effectiveness and efficiency of work flows and compliance with laws and regulations in the entire ista Group. The department follows international audit standards and, together with the audited units, develops measures to improve and strengthen the control and risk management systems.



IT at ista is of extremely high importance as it provides services for the business on an international level and scale. Thereby ista’s IT is the key enabler for improving quality and efficiency as well as for developing and supporting innovations. To achieve this ista’s IT uses state-of-the-art technologies, applies structured and professional development processes and utilizes latest development tools. Due to the business complexity combined with internationality (covering 25 countries), it is extremely challenging – and exciting!

IT Demand Management

IT Demand Management is responsible for management of requests for IT solutions coming from the local ista organisations. On the basis of the IT strategy development, the IT Demand Management team proactively plans the developments of existing and new IT systems as well as the resulting country architectures. Implementation and quality assurance are performed in close collaboration with IT Supply Management, and also involve the IT Service Centers in Poland and Romania as well as external service providers. IT Controlling planning and steering all activities in a targeted manner and implements project and release management in line with IT Governance.

IT Supply Management

IT Supply Management is responsible for the development and refinement of global and local IT solutions. IT Supply Management works within so-called releases. These are based on a development process specially adapted for ista which contains agile elements such as iterations, daily stand-ups and retrospectives.

Furthermore, together with an infrastructure outsourcing partner, IT Supply Management operates the majority of the systems 24/7.


Marketing develops strategies for the ista products and services on the basis of market and customer demands. The implementation of the marketing mix of product, price, communications and sales policies ensures successful marketing. The responsibilties include product modifications and pricing, market monitoring/research, identifying customer requirements as well as the development and implementation of market launch concepts. Classic media advertising, direct marketing and sales promotion are as well organised as fair attendance and events.

Materials Management/Logistics

As a Functional Competence Center, Materials Management/Logistics steers and plans all materials movements of the direct and indirect goods for the entire ista Group. It ensures all ista regions receive adequate supplies of devices and materials and regulates the stocks. By exchanging views with those responsible in the countries, the department continually optimises the international logistics chain.

Operations Management

The main tasks of Operations Management are to optimise operational processes with regard to quantitative, qualitative and economic objectives. This includes the analysis, design and implementation of operational processes, as well as planning, steering and site support during process optimisation, the definition of KPIs, process monitoring and controlling, transformation management as well as the integration of acquisitions. Operations Management works in very close cooperation with the local sites to ensure that local scope for action and regional peculiarities are taken into account and cross-border synergies and standardisation potential are exploited.


Products looks after the entire technical product portfolio of the ista Group throughout the complete product life cycle - from the idea, design and development of a product to preparation for the production process and sustainable quality assurance. Products then also accompanies market launch of the products and offers the necessary support to successfully place the products.

The most important product groups for ista are heat allocation meters, heat and water meters, smoke detectors, radio, M-BUS and AMM systems (Automated Meter Management).