Work-life Balance

ista attaches great importance to work-life balance. We believe that top performance can only be delivered if the balance is right and our employees can lead a balanced life. We enjoy meeting new challenges but the energy expended has to be recharged through relaxation periods, sport and leisure activities. Therefore, many countries offer various programmes which are fun and good for health.

Trust creates flexibility

We offer our employees various possibilities to guarantee a healthy balance between professional challenges and private life. For example, many locations offer flexible working hour arrangements, the possibility to work from home or trust-based working time. Our experience has shown that giving employees the latitude to manage their time themselves is highly efficient and fosters a spirit of partnership in the work environment.

Focus on health

Is anything more important in life than health? If we feel fit, everything works better in our private and professional lives. ista's health management concentrates on the well-being of our employees and puts together a package of attractive offerings. These include, at various locations, mobile massage services, stress management courses, subsidised sports events, e.g. company relay races, and subsidised membership of fitness studios. So if you are looking for a working world which not only promotes your knowledge and skills but also your well-being, come to ista.

Maintaining and strengthening health

Some examples of our health programme at some locations:

  •  Medical examinations
  •  Subsidised membership of fitness studios
  •  Massages at various locations
  •  Flu vaccinations
  •  Stress management courses and seminars
  •  Subsidised nutritional advice
  • Company runs